Marcia has twice been featured as a clutter control expert on Kaya FM.

Marcia Francois was a pleasure to work with.

She is certainly organised and has great passion for what she does, which translates through her work with conviction and clarity. She is a great example of what she sets out to inspire in others.

Marcia was very flexible and able to adapt her work according to our exact needs and requirements.

She delivered what was briefed in by our client, Discovery, and we received great feedback from many of the guests who attended our event. She was required to do the same show in three different regions and was able to a deliver a sound and consistent talk throughout the country, despite the change of venues and audience sizes.

She is a very comfortable public speaker and has a knack of sharing valuable content in an intelligible manner.

Marita van Schalkwyk

Event Manager

True North Events

Why Marcia Francois is a great fit for your group

  • I have 20 years’ experience in speaking to groups of people
  • I provide a relaxed, interactive setting
  • I inspire confidence and motivate people to take practical steps to improve their lives.
  • I have “been there and done that” and will share from my personal experience in a positive and friendly way.

My commitment to you, the event planner

  • I will always be well-prepared.
  • I will always be punctual and organised.
  • I will customise the workshop to your group’s needs, wants or desires.
  • I will provide detailed notes and will email any backup resources that I agree to within 24 hours.
  • I will respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours.
  • I will confirm your booking within 24 hours of my bank confirming payment.

I booked Marcia for our Women’s Day event at Standard Bank Card Division as a motivational speaker to speak to our ladies about empowering themselves in the workplace. Although this is such a broad topic with so many facets, she addressed the topic very well.

Marcia was well-prepared and provided great content, and she was well able to connect and relate to the ladies, both during the talk and also in mingling with the audience before and afterwards.

Thanks again, Marcia – it was great having you!”

Alicia-Ann Raynard
Event co-ordinator

Standard Bank Card Division

What I do

Enthusiastic, passionate workshops, talks and seminars with practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately to help busy women and men break out of overwhelm.


Where to best use me

  • Anytime your people need to be inspired to take purposeful and focussed action
  • Motivational talks at recognition and similar events
  • Women’s Day talks
  • Wellness Days
  • Corporate training workshops and seminars
  • Facilitating breakaway sessions at team-building events
  • Talks to either mixed or audiences of women

            She Speaks Graduate

Marcia, you did a phenomenal job in addressing our group of 120 people.

The group was filled with excitement because you inspired us with practical examples. They were captivated and listened attentively to all you had to say.

The feedback received afterward was excellent and people young and old left with a desire to do better and to improve in their lives. Thank you!

Ps Anthony & Teresa Olckers
Christian Family Church

Invite Marcia to speak to your group

Available topics include…

(I can customise these topics to suit your particular group or do something completely different)

  • Break out of overwhelm
  • How to manage your time and get the right things done
  • How to say no without feeling guilty
  • How to set and achieve big, juicy goals
  • How and why to increase your confidence
  • How to organise and declutter any space
  • You are fabulous! How to live your best life

“Marcia’s talk about empowering women was most inspiring. I now believe that women can empower themselves no matter their circumstance and still maintain their uniqueness in whatever form.

Even though I don’t have a degree, Marcia made me feel as though I was still able to contribute to society by using my own gifts and talents, and still know that my contribution whether a wife, mother or worker is still admired.

Thank you, Marcia, for making me understand that the door of opportunity is always open and that the only limiting belief would be my own.”


Angelique Roos


I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the meeting. You gave “Time Management” a new twist, and demonstrated the energy required to be successful.

Rob Crothall, Johannesburg

Professional Organisers of Africa – Jhb chapter




I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible get out of overwhelm.

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